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We have received some lovely feedback from people who have used our services. Please scroll down and read these examples.

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The Government is committed to raising standards in English... I wholeheartedly welcome any initiative which bolsters that cause. Mr Lea’s commitment to the initiative shines through and the thoroughness with which he has set out his business plan is impressive. (Right Honourable Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education, 16/03/15).
"You are an inspirational teacher"
Re: after school workshops: "Best after school club she has attended"
I personally think that the books we have are a really good idea and I am honoured to have a book published in a library with my work in it
I was amazed that we have a book and it’s being published
Loved it
Really enjoyed it
The book is amazing and I am really pleased to have this book published
I felt outstanding that something I have actually written has been put in a book and been published AND it has been put in a real library
Thank you for all that you have done. It will be a great book
Thank you so much for publishing the amazing “All Write Now” book, I feel so honoured to actually have some of my writing published in a book that will be read by everyone in the public. Now I will be able to say to all my secondary school friends that I’m famous because I’ve had my name published in a book.
Yours thankfully (SOOOO MUCH!)
I’m amazed that there is a book with my and my classmates names in it, am I dreaming?”
The children really enjoyed it
What a fantastic service you are providing
I was delighted to receive a copy of ‘All Write Now’ on behalf of Wirral Libraries. It has been a pleasure to read the young people’s work which is of such a high standard. There are some very talented writers, and I hope one day we may see more of their work published and available in libraries.
It was also lovely to see how much it meant to the children to see their work published and going into a ‘real’ library. I look forward to another anthology next year!
The book is amazing quality thank you
Loved it
I really liked how well it was presented and am very proud to have my work in a book that will be in the library
I was excited because I am published author!
I was amazed to have received the book and I was honoured to have a piece of writing published
It is an awesome idea and I was really pleased to see my name on the front of the book
I loved the book my daughter brought home from school! She has so enjoyed reading it and keeps saying what a great end-of-school gift it has been. I thought the kid's pieces of writing were really well presented and the whole book was professionally designed and put together
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